Vision Infection Control - confidence for the workplace

Our industry trained teams guide you step by step through what is needed to manage infection control in a way that promotes confidence. Your investment will result in a safer working environment for colleagues, customers and visitors be that a school, pub, hotel, manufacturing site or office suite.  We advise, agree the scope of sanitisation and make things happen at a time convenient to you.

Speed, quality and expertise are the values that drive our teams. We carry out sanitisation in a way that minimises disruption, delivers value and enhances confidence in the safety and comfort of the workplace. Through the use of state of the art 'fogging machine's', sourced in Korea, a beacon of excellence in infection control, the hazing process uses NHS quality disinfectant which is safe, and of a standard to reassure.

Our teams will leave everything as they found them enabling staff and customers to feel confident that they are in an environment that has been prepared and secured in line with government guidance. Quality control certification will be provided to show an audit of the work carried out and the follow up customer care that we pride ourselves on will test your experience against quality, reliability and value criteria. Our aim is to make your experience simple and safe. In doing so you can have confidence that you are doing the right thing in diligently managing your infection control obligations.
For an initial conversation contact our service team on 01633 533533. If PPE is needed to further enhance the safety of your business our sister company vision PPE will be delighted to offer a tailored quote to compliment your infection control needs.